VirtualBox Share Files&Folders Between Ubuntu and Mac

There is a great advantage in sharing folders and files between host and guest while using VirtualBox.  Here are steps for MacOS as host and Ubuntu as guest. 1. When VirtualBox running a guest: “DevicesInsert Guest Additions CD image…(Host+D)

Not work for me: “sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso”

devices-insert- 2. If cdrom not mount automatically, try the following commands

3. Executing install script for Guest Additions

to uninstall

4. Creating a shared folder

4.1 Create a folder on host computer (MacOS), for example ~/Dev/ant

4.2 Boot guest in VirtualBox

4.3 choose “DevicesShared Folders Settings …

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 16.31.354.4 select ” ~/Dev/ant”

4.5 select the “make permanent” and “Auto-mount” options

5. Find the shared folder on guest (Ubuntu) “/media/sf_ant” and current user to group “vboxsf

5(optional). Mounting the shared folder “ant” on the guest computer (Ubuntu)

7.  Auto mount

The “ant” is the share folder name, set by Virtualbox

6. Having fun.

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