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Sudo Without Password

User following command to edit sudo config file “/etc/sudoer”

change the admin group’s privileges, and  move it under the line of sudo, at the end we will get this:

I don’t know why, we must put the admin group’s settings under the sudo group. Continue reading

Build php-memcached from source code

First Build memcached

Download libmemcached source code from 

Download php-memcached from

Be careful with “–with-libmemcached-dir”, it is the base folder of libmemcached not “include” or “lib” under the base folder.

Build memcached from source code

First got memcached source code from

Set $PATH variable by adding the following lines to ~/.profile

Start memcached as daemon



Add a new partition on Ubuntu

List Partitions

Command Line Partitioning

Command Line formatting

Mount partition at boot

Create a mount point

Edit /etc/fstab

Add the following line to the end of fstab


Ubuntu Install Git and Configure Repositorys on GitHub

Install Git on Ubuntu

Get an account from, register one if you don’t have.

Then tell Git your name and email

Create a new repository on Github: Continue reading

Linux sudo error: command not found

Some commands work fine without sudo but with sudo  you got errors like this:

This may cause by settings of sudo that replace the environment variable “PATH“. To fix this, you can comment the line “Defaults>–secure_path” in the file “/etc/sudoers”